Bob Wright

Lessons from History Forgotten video

Our Christian Baptism video

Matthew 24 is Knocking at the Door! video

A Deeper Understanding of the Feast of Unleavened Bread video

Religious Traditions of Humanity video

God is Manifested by His Creation

A more effective Bible Study Plan

Can the Bible be Believed Literally? video

God Desires All Men to be Saved. video

The Sermon on the Mount video

Examine and Test Yourselves video

Do We Have Blind Faith Only? video

Where Are the Lost Tribes of Israel Today?

A Better Understanding of Sin

The Spirit of Discernment

God’s Instruction Book for Humanity

Answers to Vital Biblical Questions

Two Parables of Jesus


Signs of the Times

1st Corinthians 10:11

The Truth About Christmas

Adding Quality to Our Life

Atonement 2019

Satan’s Story

The Discarded Holy Day of God

Why Bible Prophecy?

Beginning of the Christian Era

Which WAY Shall we Choose?

Thy Word Is Truth

Enjoy Better Health in 2019

Why Is America Blessed?

Heaven and Hell Pt. 2

Heaven and Hell Pt. 1

Dominion of Man

The Traditions of Man

Why Attend Church Services and When

In The Steps of The Apostles and Christ

Proving The Veracity of The Bible

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