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Two thousand years have passed since Jesus Christ presented the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the rulers and peoples of the world. After all that time, have we lost any of His teachings? It seems so! We find that today’s gospel message, taught Sunday by Sunday, differs from the one originally presented by Jesus Christ and His apostles. We are preparing a series of free public talks that will present the Faith Once Delivered and reveal some significant fundamental differences found in modern theology. Join with those who want to know what that original faith was, what happened to it and how it became altered.  Reference materials will be provided without charge.   A good understanding of the gospel message, as the Early New Testament Church understood it, will enhance our walk of faith.

Grand Junction Open Public Bible Studies

When and Where?
The monthly Bible studies are held at E and 32 Rd, northwest corner. (Eastmeadow Hall)

To be informed of meeting dates by EMAIL please notify us at
or listen to “BORN TO WIN” at 7AM Sundays on KNZZ 1100 AM.

Next study:  Second Tuesday of each month, 7 pm

TOPICS:   Bring your questions or we’ll cover one or two of these:

What are the prerequisites to baptism?
Passover – is it for Christians?

After grace, what value are ‘works’?

What Holy Days did the Church first observe, and what happened to them?

Does Hell await the unconverted sinner?
What happens after we die?

Question and answer session

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