Feast 2020 Has Concluded!

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Holy Days for 2021



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Trumpets 2021

First day of the New Year will be March 13th

Holy Day / Feast DayDatesComment
PassoverMarch 27thObserved after Sunset, March 26th
Follow this booklet for instructions
Feast of Unleavened BreadMarch 28th – April 3rdFirst and Last days are holy days, do no work, eat only unleavened bread all week.
PentecostMay 16th
Do no work.
TrumpetsSeptember 7thDo no work.
AtonementSeptember 16thDo no work, a fast day.
Feast of TabernaclesSeptember 21st-27thFirst day is holy, do no work. See the Feast of Tabernacles page.
Last Great DaySeptember 28thA holy Day, do no work.

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