Upcoming Events and Holy Days

Holy Days for 2019

Holy Day / Feast DayDatesComment
PassoverApril 19Observed after Sunset, April 18
Follow this booklet for instructions
Feast of Unleavened BreadApril 20 – 26First and Last days are holy days, do no work, eat only unleavened bread all week.
PentecostJune 9 (Sunday)Do no work.
TrumpetsSeptember 30 (Monday)Do no work.
AtonementOctober 9 (Wednesday)Do no work, a fast day.
Feast of TabernaclesOctober 14-20First day is holy, do no work. See the Feast of Tabernacles page.
Last Great DayOctober 21 (Monday)A holy Day, do no work.

Please join us on the second Tuesday of every month for
Bible Study – 3198 E Road 7 pm

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  1. Good to learn from you everyday so keep it up and may God strengthen you to continuing help open the spiritual blindness to come to the full understanding Gods true plan of Salvation to all mankind.

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