Our Scripture Based Beliefs

We Believe:

  1. in God the Father, eternally existing, Jesus Christ His Son through whom He created all things, and the Holy Spirit as the power of God. Details
  2. that the Holy Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God.
  3. that the 10 commandments are in effect today as a set of instructions and God’s code of conduct.Details
  4. that salvation comes through grace alone and that we will be rewarded according to our works. Details
  5. that transgression of the law is sin, the penalty for sin is death and that penalty was paid by Jesus Christ on the cross.
  6. that the Sabbath is the seventh day, from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset
  7. that the annual holy days as described in Leviticus 23 picture the plan of God for mankind.
  8. that Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross for our sins, then rose from earthly tomb after 3 days and 3 nights and now sits at the right hand of God.
  9. in baptism by immersion following repentance of sins and the necessity of the receipt of the holy spirit by laying-on of hands. Details
  10. in 3 resurrections: the righteous to everlasting life; the uncalled to a resurrection of physical life (following the Millennium); and the incorrigibly wicked to everlasting death in the lake of fire.Details
  11. in the pre-millennium, post wrath, return of Jesus Christ. That He will set up His kingdom and that the saints will reign with Him for 1,000 years. We believe that Christ will return to establish His Kingdom following the Great Tribulation.
  12. in the Biblical dietary laws regarding clean and unclean meats; that these laws were given for our health.
  13. in giving of tithes and free will offerings.

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