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Les Jenkins’ message entitled ‘The Choice is Ours’


There is the physical life and there is the
spiritual. God hopes people will graduate
by choosing the spiritual in their time.

The Choice is Ours

Coy Colbert’s message entitled ‘Personal Problems Can Cause Christian Growth’


God has a plan for us and
the road can be bumpy.
Understand why!

Our Bumpy Road

Elbert Keefauver’s message entitled ‘Goes God Approve of Christmas?’


We mix paganism and lies with the
birthday of Jesus. And even that
date is a lie! God is not pleased!

Does God Approve of Christmas?

Rich Traver’s message entitled ‘Peace that Surpasses Understanding’


Segway to Emotional Health

Peace that Surpasses Understanding

Bob Wright’s message entitled ‘The Truth About Christmas’


New Testament Christians are exhorted to
contend earnestly for the faith which was
once for all delivered to the saints. Does
Christmas observance fit that faith?

The Truth About Christmas

Les Jenkins’ message entitled ‘Chosen For Salvation’


Paul designates two key factors
for Salvation. What are they?

Chosen For Salvation

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