Recent Sermons

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Rich Traver’s message entitled “Salvation & Conversion”


Can the typical worshiper be under-informed?

Salvation and Conversion

Elbert Keefaiver’s message entitled “Is Christ Liberal or Conservative?”


Will Christ rule the World, liberally or conservatively? It depends.

Is Christ Liberal or Conservative?

Coy Colbert’s message entitled “The Truth Shall Make You Free.”


The Future King of Earth is Coming. How and Why?

The Truth Shall Make You Free

Les Jenkins’ message entitled “Better Call Saul part two”


The astonishing conversion of Paul

Better Call Saul part two

Stephen Mapes’ message entitled “Finest Hour”


Comparing national struggles with personal ones

Finest Hour

Rich Traver’s message entitled “Watch and Pray Always”


Knowing what we must be aware of

Watch and Pray Always

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