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Les Jenkins’ message entitled ‘God Decides’


We can have peace no matter what happens to us in this physical life.

God Decides

Coy Colbert’s message entitled ‘Divorce and Remarriage #2’


Baptism is a new start for a Christian.
God is the one who forgives sin.

Divorce & Remarriage #2

Elbert Keefauver’s message entitled ‘The Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ’


What is it about sheep and goats in the Bible?

The Great Shepherd

Rich Traver’s message entitled ‘Reprobate Mindedness’


King Solomon and the Apostle Paul describe
societal conditions alarmingly similar to our own!

Reprobate Mindedness

Les Jenkins’ message entitled ‘Lies and Liars’


Unrighteousness is on the march.

Lies and Liars

Stephen Mapes’ message entitled ‘Voyager and the Bible’


What is man that You are mindful of him?

Voyager and the Bible

Coy Colbert’s message entitled ‘A Gracious God’


Recounting how we are saved through
Grace, not by our works.

A Gracious God

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