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Rich Traver’s message entitled “Coping in the ‘New Normal'”


Holding onto our peripheral bearings / a Sure Word of prophecy / Being confident enlighteners

Coping in the ‘New Normal’

Coy Colbert’s message entitled “Who’s Time Is It?”


When do we relinquish Church
Duties to the Next Generation?

Who’s Time IS IT?

Audio Introduction to James Mutulu

James Mutulu’s message entitled “Living and Working in the Spirit”


Only God’s Spirit must be what is leading His servants to do His Work.

Living and Working in the Spirit (audio only)

Elbert Keefauver’s message entitled “Growing Up in Christ”


Mature Christians learn the way to
build righteous Godly behavior.

Growing Up in Christ

Rich Traver’s message entitled “A Comprehensive Reconsideration”


Putting several factors into their
right placement in the order
of things to come

End Time Events

Coy Colbert’s message entitled “Wisdom”


We serve others and have better lives with Wisdom.


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