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Rich Traver’s message entitled “Prophecies of our Time”      

  Assessing what to anticipate. Understanding the onset of “Jacob’s Trouble”


Prophecies of our Time

Bob Wright’s message entitled “Where Are the Lost Tribes of Israel Today?”

One Possibility is Discussed.


Where Are the Lost Tribes Today??

Elbert Keefauver’s message entitled “Are We Ready?

Many of God’s people suffered trials
because of their faith. As the end of
this age arrives, are we ready?


Are We Ready?

Les Jenkins’ message entitled “Why Israel” part1

What is Israel and why is it lost?


Why Israel?

Rich Traver’s message entitled “Considering Our Situation

The mileu in which we live


Considering Our Situation

Coy Colbert’s message entitled “Be Encouraged

Be Encouraged because God called us and knows us.


Be Encouraged

Rich Traver’s message entitled “Ezekiel’s Millennium View

There are many Biblical and Personal Examples.


Ezekiel’s Millennium View

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