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Les Jenkins’ message entitled “Bible Numerics”


Have men written the Bible? IMPOSSIBLE!

Bible Numerics

Coy Colbert’s message entitled “Start the New Year Right”


Keeping the Days of Unleavened Bread
gives us Direction in Our Life.

Start the New Year Right

Rich Traver’s message entitled “Reviewing Unleavened Bread Experiences”


Their situations exhibit the
process of redemption.

Reviewing Unleavened Bread Experiences

Les Jenkins’ message entitled “Passover and Law”


We can enter the Kingdom of God by the
grace of God, because Jesus Christ
paid the lawful price in our place.

Passover and Law

Coy Colbert’s message entitled “Is There A Plan in the Bible?”

Introduction by Del Leger


A quick review of God’s Plan
by looking at the Holy Days

Is There A Plan in the Bible?

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