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Les Jenkins’ message entitled “Doing Greater Works”


Jesus said that believers are to do greater works that He. How that is possible is explained.

Doing Greater Works

Elbert Keefauver’s message entitled “The Armor of God”


Christians need to utilize several devices for protection.

The Armor of God

Rich Traver’s message entitled “None Sought to Help”


Living In a modern crucible of evil and lethargy / understanding our situation

None Sought to Help

Coy Colbert’s message entitled “The Role of a Christian Woman”


Examples of women who were leaders, and why.

The Role of a Christian Woman

Bob Wright’s message entitled “The Spirit of Discernment”


The Holy Spirit in God’s people
works in various ways.

The Spirit of Discernment

Les Jenkins’ message entitled “Fill the Void”


What is missing in our life?

Fill the Void

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