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Les Jenkins’ message entitled ‘A NEW THING, The Marriage of the Lamb’

This event will change everything!


A NEW THING! The Marriage of the Lamb!

Bob Wright’s message entitled ‘The Discarded Holy Day of God’

Modern Christianity Ignores Pentecost. What are they missing?


Discarded Holy Day of God
Do not allow life changes to interfere
with our christian growth.

Coy Colbert’s message entitled ‘Change in Our Lives is Sure to Come!’


Rich Traver’s message entitled ‘Truth and Liberty’

Appreciate our liberty. You don’t know what you’ve got ’till its gone!


Bob Wright’s message entitled ‘Why Bible Prophecy?’

To warn, Inform, Inspire, and build Faith


Coy Colbert’s message entitled ‘Worship in Spirit and in Truth

The acceptable way to worship God has been revealed.


Les Jenkins’ message entitled ‘Temptations vs Tribulations

It is useful to understand the difference between Temptations and Tribulations.


Elbert Keefauver’s message entitled ‘Lessons For Us from the Exodus

Our response to the promises of God must be guided by the faith He has granted us.


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