In the book of Matthew Chapter 15, VS 3…our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, asked the religious leaders of that day… “Why do ye also transgress the Commandment of God by your traditions?” This question of Jesus is more applicable TODAY than at any time in history! Let’s take a look… 

Chinese and other Asians worship Buddha and celebrate a festival during the early part of each year. This festival is associated with the occult — pagan Zodiac calendar. Chinese have replaced ancient symbols of the Zodiac with symbols of their own; rat, dog, rooster, etc. Each symbol portends either good or ill in the coming year. Indians (from India) make a pilgrimage if they can, to worship their three headed Hindu god (a trinity) and soak in the Ganges river which they say is holy water since it was created by their Pagan god. They think their sins are washed clean from this soak in the Ganges. Muslims (Moslems) keep a 40 day fast called Ramadan. They don’t really fast, since they can eat all they want during the night-time. During this time…they also make a pilgrimage to cities they call holy. They parade around this large black cubical that is thought to confer some blessing to them. At the end of 40 days, they have a big party. 


Certainly, Christians don’t have any of these odd, Pagan customs or traditions during this time of the year? Do they? Sadly, YES THEY DO! There are several Pagan traditions that professing Christians do during the early part of each year. The first of these is the celebration of LENT…a 40 day phony fast and run-up to Easter (Ishtar). Over the years, I have seen people who in the place of actually fasting for any length of time…instead, give-up chewing gum, don’t eat yogurt, give-up Alka-Seltzer, etc. 

Any Christian should be very wary of observing LENT…which like Ramadan…has this 40 day fast component. It seems that Satan the devil loves this idea of 40 day fasting…Satan saw Moses keep an actual 40 day fast…then he saw Jesus also keep a 40 day fast…so Satan, with little doubt, also incorporates this 40 day fast in numerous of his Pagan religions. He likes it! Satan doesn’t see or understand that it wasn’t Moses or Jesus that fasted on their own physical effort, it was God that sustained them, no human could live on their own strength. Today, all over the world…LENT is preceded by MARDI GRAS…A hedonistic, filthy orgy of round the clock drinking and immorality…OH YES…many Catholic priest…and Protestants leading the parade! 


Sir Austen Henry Layard, eminent historian and archeologist, in his book…Nineveh and Babylon Mr. Layard shows how ancient Pagans honored their son-god Tammuz and his mother Ishtar (Easter). Mr. Layard shows how Tammuz was slain in the Spring… then resurrected! When? On a day associated with Ishtar (Easter)! The following year… the Pagans commemorated Tammuz’ death with a 40 day fast. It was called “a weeping for Tammuz”… this fast before the Spring observance to Ishtar (Easter). WE CAN SEE THAT LENT IS THE EQUIVALENT TODAY OF THIS VERY SAME PAGAN CUSTOM. God makes mention of this “weeping for Tammuz” (Ez. 8:14-16). God says “it is an abomination”... He hates it! (Isa. 1:14). 


God gave us His Holy Days, starting in the Spring, (Lev. 23:5) with Passover. Jesus kept this day! Luke 22:8) But after the traditional Passover meal… Jesus gave His disciples a NEW ceremony… The New Testament Passover. Jesus commanded the foot-washing ceremony (John 13; 14-15). Then, Jesus gave them NEW elements for the Passover (Luke 22: 15-20)…the wine which represented His Blood shed for us… and the unleavened bread representing His Body broken and given to us. Jesus gave this New Testament Passover ceremony and commanded His disciples to keep it as a memorial (Luke 22:19) yearly at Passover. THIS IS THE SPRING HOLY DAY THAT GOD GAVE HIS PEOPLE. Have a meaningful Passover and a joyous Festival of unleavened bread celebration, as God ordained. 

– Robert Wright CCG, GJ

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