In the Western World…who do you think spends the most time at work? It’s Americans! On average, we take only about 10 days of vacation each year. In Europe, the British average about 3 or 4 weeks, the French about 4 weeks, the Italians… 5 weeks or more, the Germans about 4 weeks, the Scandinavians… about 4 weeks.

Pretty sad, isn’t it? We “work-a-holic” Americans. But you might say we are more productive…well…yes, we are pretty productive BUT so are most of the above nations! The Germans…. export MORE products than America! The French…have a 35-hour workweek…. and still have an outstanding economy.

 Who do you imagine SHOULD have the most leisure time… holiday time… family, and fellowship time? Well, it’s God’s people of course! Let’s compare; according to the instructions in the Holy Bible…GOD INTENDED…His people enjoy the most and the best of these blessings… and God gave a yearly appointment calendar as to when these holidays should be observed.

Let’s take account of the Holy days/appointments that God gave his people: First… there is the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread… with a day or 2 to travel and get ready and get home…this would total about 12 days. Then, there is the Feast of Trumpets and Day of Atonement which would be about 5 or 6more days. Lastly, the Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day… this totals about 12 days… which also includes travel and get ready and get home time.

GOD IS SO GENEROUS…we are not through yet! Every 7th year…was to bean entire Sabbatical year off…but we are not finished yet. Once every 50years was Jubilee year…when you would be enjoying the entire year in celebration. In 50 years, this would total about 8 full years… 2920 days…or equal to about 58 days per year average when spread over 50 years.

So…we will total this all and see how many days that God intended that His people enjoy and rejoice before HIM. THE TOTAL EACH YEAR WOULD AVERAGE…92 days every year! We are not even counting the 52Sabbath days! THIS ALL BEGS THE QUESTION…HOW MANY DAYS DID HAVE YOU SETTLE FOR? 10?…(man’s way)… or 92? (God’s way)

All of us…at one point or another…have asked…”HOW CAN WE POSSIBLY DO THIS?” This brings us to another vital truth...IT TAKES FAITH! All Bible students know…this essential Truth of God… (Book of Hebrews 11:6) “WITHOUT FAITH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE GOD!” In 37 years, I have never known anyone who… in faith…endeavored to obey and keep God’s appointed Feasts…who was not able to do so. If we don’t exercise our faith and instead make excuses…” my job, my kids, my health, my money”…and SETTLE FOR 10 DAYS or less,…we then disregard the awesome generosity offered to us by Almighty God and disobey His Commands.

Upcoming… Sep 21 – 27… is God’s appointed Festival of Tabernacles. Let’s obey our Savior Jesus Christ… and do as He instructed His disciples… (John 7:2-37) VS 8… “Go ye unto this Feast”…Let’s rejoice with our families, brethren, faithful people of God and receive the great blessings that God intends for every faithful person. Hope to see as many of you as possible along THE WAY.

©Robert Wright

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