None So Blind

AS THOSE WHO REFUSE TO SEE      There is a well known, but little understood event cherished by the religious world that honors an ancient pagan goddess.  After the deadness of a cold and dreary winter, people welcomed the new life sprouting forth in the spring, which was attributed, of course, to the goddess of... Continue Reading →

The Parasitic Nature of Sin

How does a parasite survive? By feeding off its host in a manner that is damaging to the host. If it doesn't have anything to feed on, it dies. Similarly, in order for sins, bad habits or addictions to survive, they require food from you. Our words, thoughts and actions are often the food sin... Continue Reading →

But How Can We Be Sure?

  Christ warned us of the many false Christs to come and will deceive many (Mat. 24:24) and even Paul told us of the many who claim to be god. “For though there be that are called gods, whether in heaven or in earth, 6 But to us there is but one God, the Father,... Continue Reading →

“… And I Will Harken Unto You”

“…AND I WILL HARKEN UNTO YOU” Jer. 29:12 THE UNMATCHED POWER EVER AT OUR FINGERTIPS It was a beautiful summer morning. The sky was clear, the air fresh and cool. Some were already at work and the activities of the day were well underway. There was a plane flying high overhead. Few paid much attention... Continue Reading →

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